View Full Version : Bad Deal at Arlington Toyota (IL)

07-26-2010, 10:35 PM
Just wanted to post a warning to anyone who's looking to buy a Toyota in the Chicago suburbs.

On 7/16 I found a 2007 Yaris at Arlington Toyota in Palatine listed for just under $9k. Good deal except it had been keyed pretty much around the entire body. I offered $9K OTD with the stipulation they would fix the scratches. Salesman Mark agreed, so I put down a $300 deposit (CC) and he wrote up a quick 4-square with the terms.

On 7/18 (Monday) the day I was supposed to pick it up, I received a call from Jon Kommel, Used Sales Manager. He told me they were not going to sell me the car after the service dept. looked at the scratches. He suggested selling me a different car, and was not at all apologetic about the situation. I told him I'd have to call him back. He never returned my calls, and only after speaking to the owner of the dealership who was slightly more regretful, was I able to get my deposit back 3 days later.

I consider this bait and switch, and am glad it only cost me $8 (for new cashier's check) to find out what sort of dealer they are.