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rabbito's 2012 Yaris Sedan (Vios)
General Details
Lasted Updated: 02-09-2016
Year: 2012
Model: Yaris Sedan (Vios)
Color: White
Transmission: AT
Interior seat/trim color: TRD
Package Options: TRD cosmetic package
Exterior Modifications
Factory TRD body kit, spoiler and rims
Interior Modifications
Factory TRD interior kit
Performance/Handling Modifications
ATD timing advance e85 ecu

- rs maf, rs vvti solenoid, ix plugs
- k&n drop in
- header and center pipe
- 1jz injectors
- e85 converting plugs

- aftermarket oem replacement shock and springs (drop f: 1.5, b: 1.4)
- mu spec brake pads
- front tower strut and rear brace
- hankook v2, 195/50/15

- volt stablizer
- multi gauge obd2
Future Planned Modifications
Vehicle Images

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