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Drives: 2006 and 2013
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Hard starting when cold, runs fine

We have a 2006 1.3L automatic Yaris. We are up to 150,000kms. Has run great, no issues at all except a slight hesitation then surge when taking off for the last few years.

I cleaned the throttle body a number of times and replaced spark plugs with no change.

I purchased new injectors and fitted them a couple of weeks ago trying to make it take off smoother but they didn't come with the seals. The old seals were hard and as expected they leaked.

I ordered new seals, refitted the injectors and the care drove a little better, I think, the hesitation/surge is still there but perhaps less.

After about a week though the car has become hard to start when sitting for more than 10 minutes or so. It needs to crank quite a bit, sometimes two goes to start. The car has the auto start feature that once you turn the key even if you let go, it keeps cranking.

It has had hard starting very intermittently in the past, but now it does it every time.

It feels like it is losing fuel pressure when it is switched off. This is confirmed by disconnecting the fuel line that feeds the fuel injector rail, no petrol squirts out like it used to.

If I attempt to start it within a few minutes of turning it off, it starts perfectly.

Except for the slight hesitation/surge, the performance is pretty much how it has always been. It revs cleanly to the redline and idles smoothly.

As I am not seeing any leaks, perhaps it is the injectors leaking or there is something going on in the fuel pump/regulator module in the tank.

Not sure how to check either so I am stuck.

I was going to remove the fuel pump module and replace the filter as it is due in the next 10,000 kms anyway but don't know what to look for in terms of what can be wrong.

I guess I could put the old injectors back in and see if the leak is at that end.

Any ideas on what to do next would be most appreciated.

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Drives: 2006 and 2013
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Sydney Australia
Posts: 7
Just an update.

I replaced the fuel filter unit.

I used an aftermarket unit. Wesfield WCF232.

The parts that I needed to keep were the fuel pump, something that I think is the pressure regulator, the screen that keeps the very course particles out and the float switch.

The problem has now dissapeared, the car starts and runs fine. It still has a slight hesitation and then surge off the mark as it did but not as bad.

It has always been there and our 2015 Yaris that we purchased from new also does it but not as pronounced.

Maybe it’s just me.

It has been only two days but it has started every time so far. If that changes, I will post another update.
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One of the first things to check on a fuel injected engine is fuel pressure and bleed down rate.
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