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Basic Wiring

Hello all,

I bought a USB port switch for my Yaris but I am not exactly sure how to install it. I am a complete newb at electrics and wiring. I've tried looking online for basics on wiring but a lot of the articles get wayyy too technical for me and I have no idea what they're saying. The product is this

It doesn't come with any wires. All I know so far is:

-Get some wires of some gauge (10 to 17? AWG)
-put some female connectors on them
-connect the female connectors to the prongs
-wire the negative prong to "ground"
-wire the positive prong to...ignition/acc fuse (So that the USB will charge only when car is on)? Any fuse higher than 4.2a?

My questions:
-Would I need something to convert from 12v to 5v?
-What size wires, and should size differ for - and + prong?
-If I connect to a fuse, do I just wrap the wire around the fuse where it plugs in or would it be better to get a fuse tap?

I guess I could just pay someone to get it done for me, but I would actually like to learn a few more things about cars. So could any wiring geniuses point me in the right direction?
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You would have to connect the (+) to a power source and the (-) to a ground or some metal part connected to the body of the car.

You should've bought something like this, since it just plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.

The one you have is plug-in but the Yaris doesn't have that type of socket.

To answer your questions:
1) No conversion needed.
2) 14-18 gauge wire is sufficient, size doesn't matter
3) you'd want to have an in-line fuse which you can get at any auto parts store.
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