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Old 06-30-2018, 08:12 AM   #55
Drives: 5 spd MT,black ASA iwheels
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hey seatech just wondering in hindsight what you think of your preparation? was there anything that you wish you brought or do you feel that you brought too many things? this is a wealth of information as it is im just curious
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Zoidberg, Frozen north? Lol we were getting 90s weather while I was there. Unfortunately no, I even ended up having to cut my stay short to make it to Massachusetts in time to meet up with a friend. I really enjoyed Montreal though. Aside from the construction, but there's been construction almost every whwre I've been so far.

I made it out to the eastmost point in Maine today and back down to Massachusetts.

I don't think I've camped out for more than 3 nights in a row... I plan to chance this once I'm back though.

Brettguy, I've been thinking about the roof trunks, wish I'd had more time to research those and possibly test one out before leaving. Just seems like something I wont be able to try out during the trip.
I made the decision to leave my crampons because it was gonna be Summer... Bit me in Lassen and North Cascades and Crater lake.
Almost decided to leave my DSLR, but last minute knew I would hate myself if I did, so far 100+ pictures a weeks agrees. I just didnt want that extra item to worry about, but it's paid off more than a lot of good pictures.

The whole try out before you leave idea is true. I thought I'd wing it and be good to go. Almost quit my trip the first night. It's amazing when I look back now and realize how much I would have missed out on. Essentially I've reorganized a good deal of my stuff in the car to make it easier to gonfrom driving/parked covert mode to sleeping mode. Having almost nothing visible in the day has paid off greatly. I can only imagine how much trouble it would be crossing the border 8 times and getting pulled over once if i had had a ton of bags/luggage/coolers/w.e. in plain sight or just a disorganized mess in general. On my 6th border cross one of the officers decided he had to take a look a my trunk, i was like sure no prob, popped it open. All he saw when he lifted my sleeping bag covering up my cooler and grocery thermal pouch. Closed it back up and let me go. I can understand their suspensions, so I think it's just been good for both sides in general.
Digressing, the reason I almost quit the first night was because I arrived at my sleeping site, and wanted to avoid attention and being outside the car too much. So i parked, put my panels down in the back seat area. Jumped in the car and covered up my sleeping area. Then i was trying to shuffle everything out of the way, then remembered I forgot to turn on my fans, but didnt want to go out of the car again so I'm trying to do this from inside, wedging and moving cooler, bags, packba ka around. I was sweating like crazy cause my body heat had ramped up. Luckily I managed to pause myself, and waited to cool off and then slowly made my way to the fans from inside the car. Once I got them on, i just laid there with the fans blowing air on me. Looking back and even at the time I remember just laughing at how ridiculous it was and wished I could have recorded the moment.

I plan to make a video once i get back of my setup routines.

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Old 07-15-2018, 10:42 AM   #57
Drives: Yaris 2008 Sedan
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: California
Posts: 35
OK, for those who care to look at lots of pics, I put small sized versions into my google drive.

I hadn't had a chance to finish my script till this morning. I processed week1.

I just finished week 9 this past Friday. On Thursday, I reached the moon with my yaris. Based on avg distance from the earth to the moon according to 238855 miles!

I spent almost a week in Massachusetts with friends, and then made my way down to North Carolina. I should be in Florida tonight. Unfortunately, both of the BBQ places I visited so far were on vacation, Shealy's and Little Pigs. Gonna try another today and hopefully they wont be out too. Bad timing for BBQ, I guess.

Congaree was surprisingly cooler than expected. I would like to come back and do some kayaking there in the future.
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