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Drives: Yaris 2008 Sedan
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Old yaris 218k miles, 30k+ road trip?

Hello Everyone,

Long post warning? Thank you for reading. FYI will be posting on r/roadtrips for non-car technical aspects of this road trip.

My Yaris is currently hovering around 218k miles (351,000 km). It is coming up on its decaversary in June, and I figured what better way to celebrate than by reaching the moon with an epic all USA states road trip (considering shipping to Hawaii if it survives the first 49.) Well not really the only reason, I just always thought about making such a trip and I am currently unemployed and have the funds for it, so why not? I've mapped out all national parks that can be driven to and some other sites of interest, very rough draft and the count is currently at 25k miles rt. I figure after I finish putting in all the last stops I'll be at 30k or more. Expected starting time is about May/June.

My tires,ECOPIA EP422+, are past half worn at 38k/70k. I figure I may need new ones before I finish the trip, but may get by, also another reason for tackling Alaska and northern states first. I've been on top of my maintenance as much as I can, and going to mechanics for other items. Just switched out drums, and will do rotors too before beginning. All brakes are still good, ceramic, 2 years old. Brake and coolant fluids were changed at 160k miles. Water and fuel pumps are still stock, perhaps I should consider changing these before going? I'm estimating 5-6 oil changes. I plan to do a trans drain and fill and filter change before starting. Considering switching spark plugs before starting, last done at 176k, so may not be necessary?

The car has been suffering from engine vibration since 160k miles about 3 years now. Hasn't broken down on me. I have drained and filled the trans twice, changed motor mounts twice, spark plugs, battery, Airflow sensor swap, cleaned throttle body, 6 mechanics, nothing has been able to get rid of the vibration. It is more noticeable when in drive, but on neutral and park it is subtle (maybe even normal?) At this point, I have reason to believe it is not terminal.

3/8 Socket wrench set
3/8 breaker bar
1/2 torque wrench
3/8 digital torque wrench adapter
1/4 torque driver
1/2 3/8 1/4 adapters
fix-a-flat (spray can size)
Coolant extra 1L toyota mixed 50/50
Spare donut (non-edible)
Long flat head screwdriver (near pry bar status worthy, but not quite)
Spare lug nuts and studs
Spare head and tail light bulbs
Screwdriver set small generic
Load strap small generic
Dashcam front
Battery charger BESTEK 600A Peak 10000mA
Stock jack w/ jack handle
K&N car filters
Gerber Gator Combo Axe II
Snow cables (used 2 times)
Gloves, mechanic gloves & thick nitrile gloves
2 phones with offline GPS maps + battery charger pack

Spare full size tire/wheel
Emergency triangle
Dashcam back
AAA for trip duration
The Milepost?
Tire plug kit

Road Atlas

About me:
I've done plenty 430 (860rt) trips between SoCal and NorCal over the past 6 years. I've done a 2k mile road trip to Utah, and recently a 3k trip of the southern west coast. I did all the driving, but had company. On this trip, I'll be going alone, and plan to stay under the speed limit ( always) and be safe as possible, especially the Alaska/Canada stretch. I will spend 1 week each in Vancouver, Montreal, NYC, Boston. During this time I'll probably take it easy, maybe 1 major hike in Vancouver but mostly just eating good food. On the trip, I plan to eat mostly simple diet, take vitamin supplements. I would like to do most of my sleeping in my car unless my gut is telling me not to. When I stay at the major cities, I'll be getting lodging of some kind. Considering couchsurfing, even if it is just to sleep in the car in someone's driveway where I know they're ok with it. I'll be backing a 32F degree mummy bag, another regular mummy bag, and another rectangular sleeping bag.

Primary concerns:
-Are a max of 400 miles daily too much for the car?
(I intend to tackle the day to day driving in 1.5 to 2 hour spurts around rush hours or morning/noon/evening until I reach a location where I can spend the night safely.)

-Should I switch out my stock fuel and water pumps before beginning the trip?

-Is one spare tire/wheel + donut combo enough... you know what I mean, or I guess I should ask if it's just a really bad idea not to bring more? (I've seen a post in the history of someone with a tow hitch rack with a full set of tires/wheels. lol)

-Road atlas reviews on amazon seem very polar. Would like to hear from some long drive experienced drivers.

-I would like to hear thoughts on whether or not this is doable, any advice/suggestions or critique is welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to this.

Update: Updated list of things needed. Starting trip on the 12th.
Hope imgur links are ok. Mod and map.

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