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Originally Posted by Sparcoboy View Post
I've tried this but for me it wasn't worth the effort. Doing the same trip every day, I had to fuel up sooner with this technique. The problem is, I think, that in order to accelerate back to your higher speed you burn more fuel than you saved by lifting the accelerator a bit. As long as you're decelerating you burn less fuel, meaning more mpg but the time you accelerate you get only half the mpg's than before. For me driving at a constant speed has proven the best.
Because of pumping losses the pulse and glide technique works. Hangtime is the same thing as pulse and glide. Some use extreme variations of pulse and glide, and it is tricky to know just how much gas to give it during pulse.

The reason it works is due to pumping losses (due to nearly closed throttle). The engine loses energy trying to suck air past the closed throttle). I'm not sure if hang time really works as the fuel does not get shut off like pulse and glide, but I see the same thing on my ecometer. If I time my glides according to the slope of the road I can really get a big boost in FE. During pulse the throttle is open wider, reducing pumping losses, and the engine operates more efficiently.

I'll experiment with hang time some more. I was noticing the same thing, but have not tried to exploit it.
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Bought a 2012 Yaris LE automatic. I was pretty much getting the advertised fuel economy of 32 / 35. The following service was done to the vehicle. 50 miles at purchase, installed K&N washable air filter. 500 miles, oil change standard Valvoline 5w30. 2500 miles, oil change with standard Valvoline 5w30. 5000 miles, oil change with Semi synthetic Valvoline 5W30, cleaned air filter. 10000 miles oil chance with full synthetic Valvoline 5W30, transmission flush with AMSOIL Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. Immediately after going full synthetic I gained 5 mpg. I get 40 mpg regularly now driving the same 180 mile route driving 60 and 65.
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Embracing Curves
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I think this trick is based on the acceleration enrichment.
It's used to let the engine pull stronger when you want to accelerate, and by releasing the pedal a bit, the ECU stops this enrichment which results in a better MPG.
It did not really work for me, shifting to the 5th gear from 18MPH on improved my in-town MPG this morning from 47 to 49.
However, my record on a level road outside the city was 58 :)
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