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Potential alternator problem

this pertains to my '02 Vibe but seeing as that forum is dead and this would also help Yaris owners I thought I'd post it here. Car has 257k km on it with original alternator.

Recently I heard a slight groaning noise from somewhere along the drive belt. I gave it a quick look over but nothing seemed to be wrong. I figured it was the idler pulley and that I'd check it with a long pry bar later this week.

2 days later (today) the dash cluster shuts off and the battery, e brake and abs light went on. The car wouldn't deliver full power when the accelerator was pressed. I checked under the hood and nothing was obviously wrong on a quick look. Thing went back to normal as soon as I was about the turn the car off. The dash did flicker occasionally when I was driving it /limping it home so that pretty much rules out a blown fuse.

No CEL's shown but I'll be hooking up my ultra gauge to check voltage tomorrow. I am thinking alternator voltage regulator is bad. I have a multimeter I will be using tomorrow as well.

My question is, does anyone have experience with this issue and have a place where they'd recommend I start looking to save me some time. I don't want my whole long weekend filled with fixing a car seeing as I rarely have more than 1 day off.

Thanks in advance, I'll post any solutions I come across.

fwiw the battery is not brand new, but I'm doubtful its the battery.
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