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I've made a post!
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Vent selector stuck

Hello all

The vent selector on my wife's 2013 Yaris is not working properly. It can only be turned to options on the left side of the knob, and will not move right past the 12 o'clock position. Only the far right (passenger side) vent blows once panel vents is selected. Originally i thought the cables had snapped, but i can see they are attached and working after i took off the glove box. I did see a straw sticking out above the cabin filter. I removed it, but it has me thinking that maybe something is stuck on the door that controls airflow? maybe said door became warped from heat? I'm just wondering if anyone has run into this before and can help before i take the whole dash off.

I had a Focus with broken vent selector cables, replaced them and found that the selector door (if that's even what its called) was seized. I broke it free with some lubricant ( i think it was lithium grease) and a lot of force on the knob while driving down the highway in a freezing rain storm. I would rather not put my wife through that, and the fact that one panel vent does blow makes me think that the problem might be different.

Its 33*C and we need AC! Please help!
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Did you solve your problem?
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06 Yaris
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check for anything obstructing the cables or leavers. The cables and selectors are very light weight. I have had this problem, a wire and loom were blocking/rubbing on one vent door. I forced it and the cable popped off the back.
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