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Ambient temperature sensor

Hi fams,
now when the temperatures went up here in Central Europe, I have noticed some strange behavior of the outer temperature indicator.

It has never been a fast one (last summer when I drove away from the underground parking spot where was 19 degrees Celsius to outside where was 30 degrees, it took usually some 5 minutes for the temperature to show the right number).

But this time it is a lot worse... I am driving at 30 degrees and even after 20 minutes the temperature indication goes up from 19 degrees to 23 for example. Quick visual inspection through the front bumper showed no peculiarities or dirt or anything so I guess it is time to replace the sensor as the first step to take.

I found the part ID (88790-22131) and now I am wondering whether I should be fine with 15 USD for cheap Chinese product or whether I should pay 35 USD for the original Toyota part.

I assume that inside that plastic thing there is just a NTC thermistor or something like that so - unlike MAF for example - there is not much that the Chinese worker could screw. Still... what would you go for?

Thank you!
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