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A/C or blower motor problem???

Need a little help from you folks....

Recently my A/C has been really intermittent and temperamental. Some days it will function perfectly fine then other days the blower motor will not come on at all, at any speed. Then the next day or two it will be back.

Iíve taken the main control panel off and nothing appears loose, Iíve looked at the blower motor and none of the plugs are loose. Iím at bit stumped.

Iíve read that if it was the resister then the blower motor would still function on full speed (4). My problem is it never functions at all when itís broken....

The blower motor (when itís working) functions fine and shows no signs of failure.

Any thought? Has this happened to you?

I have a 2007 hatchback with 180k miles, no prior A/C repairs or problems.....
-Jen <3

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my 2007 hb had intermittent loss of ac blower function also, the issue for me was that i ran the car for 6 years without a cabin filter and water/crud clogged the drain line under the ac motor, replacing the ac motor was an easy job and it brought back everything for me.

one key thing is that my ac motor would be usable when i hit it (i would hit under the glove box while set to speed 4 and it would turn on, then after a few months of cutting out more and more it finally failed, which caused me to replace it
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If the A/C compressor is working while the button pushed(when the fan is off), it may cause liquid refrigerant suction into the compressor, which can be extremely harmfull and may cause irremediable malfunction of the compressor. This situation occures only if the liquid seperator's accumulation capacity is exceeded by the volume of the liquid refrigerant, by the way I dont know the capacity but I recommend you do turn the A/C off if the fan motor doesnt start when you turn A/C on.
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