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Originally Posted by heistp View Post
Now that you mention it, I only started putting it in the garage in the last four years when we moved into the house, and it really seems like the rusting has accelerated.

It can be 10C in the garage, and unfortunately can also be humid sometimes if the cars come in wet, even if we try to clean them (two car garage).I thought the garage would be better for it, but the rusting underneath has accelerated and my steel wheels for winter went from rustless to covered in it in two years. Previously the car had been parked outside.

I have the option of parking it outside under a carport, and I think I'm going to start doing just that, in addition to having it oil sprayed. The climate is cold here. This is really helpful, thank you.
Carports are ideal in winter because they are still exposed to the cold which slows the rust process but yet saves you from having to brush off your car after a snow fall. Most rust damage from the winter comes in the spring once the warmer temps come and rust increases
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There is a lot of cool tips and DIY to help preserve your car on a Youtube channel called "Sweet project cars". I was checking one of their video lately explaining how to spray the underside of the car with a mix of water and sodium bicarbonate to help neutralize road salt after winter season. Have you guys tried or heard about that before? --JS
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Heistp watch here you can buy both a spray gun and products for rost protection on ebay.
Dinitrol is one of the players in the rustproofing market i europe, they have a nice informative UK website.
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