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I've made a post!
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Smile Yaris Cruise Control Auto

Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum and have already found so much information and I am very grateful for that. Anyways, I am going on a road trip with my friends in my Yaris from Arizona to California. I have a 2008 Yaris Sedan Base Model with a automatic transmission. And I was hoping to use my cruise control on my way there. However, I have noticed that the cruise control in my car does not seem to work. The light comes on when I press the cruise control button but the speed does not seem to hold. I have noticed that Mr. CTScott has posted a DIY about how to install cruise control on a car. Is that maybe the issue here? That I don't have a cruise control switch? Thank you so much guys for taking your time to read this.
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The button on the cruise control stalk is the master switch. Pushing it will turn on the cruise control, but you still need to set your cruising speed before it takes effect. [I believe it does not activate below 40MPH - someone correct me if I'm wrong]. To activate, you need to be at a speed above the minimum threshold, then pull the stalk down. You will feel the car continue to move at the speed you were at even when you take your foot off the gas pedal. To deactivate, you can either tap the brake, pull the stalk towards you, or hit the master switch button to turn off cruise.

While in cruise, pushing the stalk up will increase your speed by 1MPH for every stroke and pulling it down will decrease by 1MPH. Moving and holding the stalk up or down will make the car continue to slowly accelerate or decelerate until you let go.

Finally, If you had previously set a cruise speed but had to leave cruise, you can push up on the stalk to resume your previously set cruise speed. If you push the button to turn off cruise, it will forget all past settings and you will have to reset your cruise speed again.

Hope this helps.
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2008, automatic, cruise control, sedan

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