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Kaotic Lazagna
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Originally Posted by GrayYaris View Post
Kaotic Lazagna- I think you're greatly exaggerating the risks of a rear sway bar. Have you driven a stock HB Yaris at highway speeds during a mild storm? It is absolutely fatiguing and probably a bit dangerous depending on road conditions. I would argue that the only reason the Yaris doesn't have a rear anti-sway bar like many other passenger cars is because the Yaris is a stripped-down car designed for economy, not drivability. Toyota found a way to save a few bucks and built the car without the rear anti-sway bar.
I'm on my second yaris, so I have experience driving both a sedan and a 3 door HB in stock configuration and lowered (my sedan had the TRD RSB, never bothered to get one for the HB since I'll eventually get coilovers).

As mentioned understeer is easier to handle for a new driver or one that is not experienced. That's why I suggested that the OP does not get one right away until his daughter is more comfortable driving the car and driving in general. If it were your child, would rather take the safer route, or choose a more spirited driving characteristic?
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Hatchbacks for the win
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Welcome! Excellent rare color. Your daughter will love it!
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