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2007 Yaris
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Dashboard mount for iPhone 4S?

What do you all use for dashboard mounts? I've got a Droid 2 Global that I currently have mounted to the windshield, but I'd like to switch to a dashboard mount instead since CA has rather strict placement on where you're allowed to mount on the windshield, so I'd rather do dashboard this time around when I upgrade to my iPhone 4S next month. Looking for suggestions on dashboard mounts so I can get one now and have it ready to go when I upgrade my phone next month.

2007 Yaris, 4 door sedan, automatic transmission, power package, cruise control, fog lights, Pioneer FH-P800BT
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Well a suction cup is unlikely to work on the textured surface of the dash. I know my standard cup didn't. There are some suction cups that claim they stick to anything, but I've heard reports that it's just not true.

One option is to stick a plastic disk to the dash with double-sided tape, and then you can stick your suction cup to that. There is a good DIY somewhere on Lifehacker or Instructables that uses a Garmin satnav mount and a cheap ebay phone case, looks pretty good.

Personally, I really struggled to find a spot that was going to be of any use to me in the Yaris (Hatch). The windscreen was too far away, and there were few places on the dash where I could access the phone easily enough (I use it for music, satnav, calls etc while driving). What I ended up doing was (if I do say so myself) quite ingenious. I have a single-din stereo in my Yaris, with a pouch/slot underneath to fill up the space. I nicked a desk calender from work, which is basically a piece of bent plastic with some metal loops in it. Took out the loops so I had just the plastic, and glued a cheap ebay phone case that I had lying around to it. I then stuck it in the pocket below my stereo, blutac'd it in (you could double-sided tape it, I probably will eventually), and stick my phone in it. My phone now sits right under my head unit, and I have easy access to plug in the aux and power. The only downside is it bounces a little as the plastic is slightly flexible, but it doesn't bother me much.
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A few of my friends swear by Pro Clips for their phone/ipods (none have a yaris though)

Pro Clip Yaris Angled mount
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I have a Pro-Fit holder, which I really like. They make a vehicle specific mount for the Yaris Sedan only, which mounts under the radio trim. With my liftback I use one of their universal mounts attached to my driver's side glove box.

I use the lowboy mount with the adhesive flexpad (

For the holder, the miCradle4 is for the 4/4S (

This is what it looked like with my iPhone 3GS. I haven't bought the new holder for my 4S yet. I am currently using my 4S in the existing holder, but it sits loosely in it.

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