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Drives: 2008 Toyota Yaris 2D
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Easiest way to fix paint chips?

I have a bottle of 8T1 Bayou Blue + clearcoat on the way in the mail.

I've done some reading, and i don't know if i'm real comfortable using sandpaper on my car, even if it is 2000 grit

I'm starting to think i wouldn't mind "little bulges" in the paint, as long as the metal is covered.

I have 2 chips on the side of my car, both just a bit smaller than the width of a pencil eraser. Both chips have a small pinhead size spot of rust in the center. Also on the edge of the door there is an are about 2 inches long, and 2-3 mm wide where the paint has come off and it has visible brown rust along the whole thing.

Is there an easy way of going about this? How do i remove that rust? I cant find a "fiberglass pen" at any auto parts store.
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Drives: 2007
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This what I have done. Use at your own risk.
Alcohol to clean the inside of the chip.
Tape the paint to protect it and a little at a time, let it dry.
For the rust: Rust remover like rustoleom, use a saturated tooth pick &
multiple applications. Don't let it run.
Use a match stem. Dab the chip, dry with a hair dryer. Keep building up
coats. The last fill with paint should be slightly above the surface.
A quick swipe with match book cover will not knock it down.
Not perfect but it will blend in and stop the rust.
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