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How to keep your car clean and protected

Thought I'd share what I have found works to keep my car looking clean as long as possible in between washes as well as how I keep the paint protected. I live in a pretty dusty area near some industrial plants and travel a brutal 200km 4 days a week on highways with a lot of debris. What I have finally found works for me as well as what is somewhat economical is the following:

-Mother's Synthetic liquid wax
-Maguire's ultimate quick detailer
-Simmoniz wash/wax with foaming adaptor (i just use any car wash product that is on sale but I use the simmoniz foaming nozzle)
-huge microfiber chamois as well as a boat load of micro fibre towels
-Mother's back to black for the trim and front lip
-Simmoniz tire foam (cleaner and shine)
-Maguires endurance tire shine spray with applicator sponge
-Simmoniz rim cleaner (regular strength)
-Foaming glass cleaner and Rain-x

Obviously not all of the above is needed, but those are most of the products I use and have found to be a really good balance between cost and effectiveness. The mother's syn wax is very durable and produces a nice deep wet shine. I have applied it in direct sun on a brutally hot day and have yet to ever have issues buffing it off. Allows me to wax the car in very short amount of time.

I typically only wash the car once per month and about once per week use the quick detailer to wipe away dust on the car. Makes it look like I just cleaned it but takes a fraction of the time.

After 8 years my paint is in very good condition - except for the bumper and a handful of tiny dents from people's doors. My plan is to buy a new bumper from a recycler and just re paint the thing. My current bumper has a nice gouge in it and the paint is all chipped from rocks.

I clay bar it usually twice a year and polish it about the same. I always wondered how people kept their car so clean but the detailer seems to be the secret. The Sommoniz products (Canadian tire) are by far the least expensive so I use then on less important things and the ones I use I found work good enough. I do use Simmoniz spray wax but if you apply it in any kind of sun it becomes virtually impossible to buff off so I rarely use it as the Mother's liquid syn wax is just as easy to use and works way better.

Just some info for those looking to keep your paint protected and looking good for as little money and time as possible. As a side note, either buy a foam cannon for your pressure washer or just buy a car wash soap in a bottle that foams it for you. The foam is what cleans the car and the amount of foam you get from a specific nozzle is much more than you'll ever hope to get by just filling a bucket with soap and then water.

I also use the 2 bucket method.
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Thanks for the info! I'm getting ready to make a run to the auto parts store this evening. Any advise on what basics I need for a small budget? I'm looking to spend about $25 and I already have the 5 gallon bucket, but my old sponge is trashed and I'm almost out of the cheapo turtle-wax soap I had been using. I've got some meguier's wax and an unused clay bar already, but I know I'll need some quik-detailer for the clay anyways. What kind of cloths do people recommend? I've just been using old bath towels for drying and newspaper for the winshields! Oh...I'm gonna need some kind of interior spray too, right?

Yes, I read the above post. I just wanted to know what works in my budget. Also, someone told me to never use the tire-cleaning stuff as it dries the tires out quicker. Is that true?
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Drives: '08 2zr swapped Vios M/T
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Location: Hamilton Ont.
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For clothes grab some micro fiber towels and take the tag off before you use them. I use blue shop towels on the window glass to wipe my glass cleaner foam off. To apply my rainx I use a microfiber towel.

Grab a second 5 gal bucket, a microfiber wash mit and some car soap in a container with a nozzle that acts as a foam cannon that you hook up to your garden hose. Won't cost much extra and works great.

Just get some ultimate detailed spray, and a generic interior cleaner/shine/protestant. Depending on how much $ you have left you may want to get some tire shine or rim cleaner, but that may be overkill for you
I like to drive a slow car fast...
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