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Old 05-05-2018, 03:10 PM   #1
Drives: Yaris 2007 1.3 2SZFE 64kW
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Changing AC pressure sensor

Hi folks,
my AC sometimes takes 5-10 minutes before it starts blowing cool air (but it is like 1 case out of 5).
Local AC service center inspected the system, found nothing extraordinary (they measured the pressures - all OK, they had to add some "freon" as well but just a little). But they do not have TechStream so they could not check the data there.
But I do have TechStream so I noticed that the readings from the pressure sensor are a bit erratic whenever the AC problem happens. So I am going to change that little thing.
I have read probably all the topics around it here on yarisworld - guys you are awesome! Now I know I have to get myself one piece of 499000-7141.
The last thing is the change itself. I have learnt on the internet that "most cars do have a ball valve on that sensor so it can be replaced without evacuating the AC system". Is it also the case for Yaris? (2007 5-door 2SZFE 1.3 64kW) Or do I need to drop by the local AC shop one more time to do the change for me? Or if I am fast enough, can I replace the sensors with just a little bit of hisssssssing from the line that may have no impact on the functionality, especially when it was recently topped up?

Thank you in advance, lads!
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I had to change my pressure sensor last year (1NZ). Freon was evacuated as mechanic could find no indication that system is protected by a valve.

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Old 05-06-2018, 11:03 AM   #3
Drives: Yaris 2007 1.3 2SZFE 64kW
Join Date: May 2012
Location: CZ
Posts: 127
Luckily I have peeked below the hood once again... to find out that my sensor is DENSO 499000-7880, not 7141. According to other threads this is oil pressure sensor... but some shops do sell it as AC fluid pressure sensor. What a mess....
edit: and according to some Denso servicing instructions I found... the 7141 and 7880 are interchangeable.

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