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  The Tire Rack

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Driver's floor pan

The floor pan on the driver's side was practically gone:

Yes, that's the carpet showing through after I removed the drain plug and pulled a bunch of rust off with it…

Surprisingly, the other side was fine with very little rust (compared to this, at least). That's good. I've talked to a guy who's had to replace BOTH sides…

I'm missing a few pics here. Basically, what I did was cut the whole floor pan out (while being careful not to damage anything else that doesn't need replacing), wire-brush the rest, and make a new pan out of 1mm steel (initially wanted to try 1.5mm, but it would have been too hard to bend at this size). The new pan was welded in place, the welds and all the cleaned metal were treated with rust converter and painted with zinc paint, and then rust converter again, just to be sure.

This was then sealed and sprayed with rubberized undercoating for some mechanical protection.

If you're wondering what the hell are those raised spots, they're plug weld that I made before I noticed that the new pan didn't fit as well as intended and ended up too high above the rail. I don't have a spot weld drill bit and they were too thick to drill out with a regular bit, so I decided to cut a small square around each weld to free the pan, get the pan to fit right, and weld those little squares back to the rest of the pan. They're barely noticeable even now what I'm driving the car without the carpet, so with the carpet in place they shouldn't be noticeable at all.
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