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Old 08-13-2015, 03:56 PM   #1
Drives: 2010 yaris 3dr manual
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Location: Illinois
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I have 2010 Yaris 3 door liftback. Planning to replace the pcv valve, no problems but cheap and quick job so I intend to.

1. Does the original pcv valve in the car from Japan have anything on the threads like a teflon tape or some kind of a sealing or antiseize compound? The new one I bought at Toyota has nothing on the threads. Toyota says some toyotas have what looks like a compound on but not the Yaris ones.

2. If there is something on the threads of the original one, by removing the pcv valve and maybe trying to clean the threads of the engine, will some particles of the tape or compound fall inside the engine and cause a problem like clogging the oil pump or anything else? I don't want to create a problem by trying to do this preventative replacement.

3. Should I put anything on the threads of the new one like a permatex sealer compound or an antiseize to keep the steel pcv valve from seizing to the aluminum threads as dissimilar metals do, or should I just leave it bare especially if the original turns out to have nothing on it?
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El Mestizo
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Drives: 08 Yaris LB, 2x Subies
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There isn't anything on the threads. But you might want to put some Anti-Seize on the threads so it's easier to remove later.
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Old 08-13-2015, 04:50 PM   #3
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Drives: '08 2zr swapped Vios M/T
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Nothing on the OEM threads, I added a little anti seize to mine.

Fwiw, I just clean mine w/ brake cleaner every oil change (10,000km Mobil 1) and it rattles and looks new. Sure it is a cheap part but why replace it for the sake of it. It is a very simple mechanism that just needs to be kept clear of anything inside.

I have an oil catch can and can see how much oil I am getting out of the PCV, I have gotten little to no oil over the past 20,000km since i've installed it. It's an easy way to check engine health/blowby
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Old 08-17-2015, 03:11 PM   #4
Drives: 2009 yaris 2 door
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clean the valve

just clean the PCV's inside valve with plastic safe cleaner maf cleaner or something like that, put anti-seize on the threads and you're good to go man. I do mine once a year.
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