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  The Tire Rack

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Troubleshooting Mix Bag!


Couple of issues I've noticed on my '07 sedan:

1. Uneven brake force under low braking from high speed. I jacked up rear wheels to inspect, and noticed that the stock drum brakes were grabbing at one point, not allowing the tire to spin freely (rear right wheel). Not sure how to inspect further, as I'm not too familiar with drums. Any thoughts on the sticking? Something warped?

2. Driver's side dash-mounted cupholder is busted as the result of getting hit with a peanut butter jar (long story). It will retract into the flush position, but then when you tap it to deploy it slowly, instead of popping out in a controlled fashion, it just stays ajar. Probably just a unlatched or bent spring, but I have no idea how to get it off to see, becasue it's all hard plastic.

3. When I turn my A/C on with a cold engine, immediately after starting up, I hear a loud screeching sound, which abates as soon as I switch the A/C off. Car is at 90K miles with all original belts, so I bet this is a belt issue. Not sure how to get at the belt to determine its condition.

That's all I got for now. If these are common/boring issues for y'all Yaris experts, feel free to just post a link to an old thread, I won't be offended.

Thanks a bunch!
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a/c, belt, brakes, cupholder

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