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Go Duke!
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Two recent fixes for rattling + noise while turning left for '09 Yaris Sedan

Just thought I'd write a post here since I've searched online (and here) for various repairs I've done myself over the years I've owned this car. Might be helpful to someone else.

1. Every time I turned the steering wheel all the way to the left while in motion, I would hear a grinding/rubbing noise. Asked the local dealer to look into it while I had the vehicle in for recall repairs (Takata air bag). Turned out that the fender guard/whatever that plastic piece in front of the passenger wheel that prevents kicking stuff into the engine bay had some of its retaining clips broken. Dealer wanted $$$ for it, which obviously made me lol.

Fix: Zip ties and rivets to hold the plastic piece where it belongs.

2. Car recently developed an obnoxious "tin can bouncing around" rattle, especially while idle. Because it happened at idle, I looked under the car with the ignition on and saw that one small heatshield was only half retained, and the loose end was rattling against the exhaust pipe (this is the heatshield forward of the gas tank heatshield/protector). Since I don't currently have a garage or a lift I can access, I decided to just remove it for the time being. I reasoned with cooler weather I should be okay to go without until I can replace it next month (using big fat washers + JB Weld).

Pic of the hopefully not important heatshield...

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Ah, I have very similar photo as well. Mine fell off two years ago. :)
When that happened I drove to 3-4 local garages and asked everywhere if they can fix that for me. All the mechanics looked at me as if I was completely nuts and said something like "you do not need this at all, we never put these back on ANY car. This is not middle Africa, this is Central Europe".

Then when I was in the authorized Toyota service center for the yearly AC review I asked the mechanics there what they thought. They said something like:

"This heatshield protects the cabin from the excessive heat from the exhaust, however in this country it should be OK to drive without it. It may warm up the passenger space but nothing significant. But if you travel in summer to some hot country (Spain or something) and get stuck in a traffic jam then it may happen that the excessive heat from the exhaust piping will start to burn the paint of the car body. If that happens you will definitely be able to recognize it as it is quite intensive and unpleasant smell."

As I live in the Czech Republic and do not plan to travel south :) I decided to keep the car as it is, without the heat shield. It has been this way for two summers already, each of them reaching temperatures well above 35 degrees Celsius. A month ago I had to crawl beneath the car to loose some branch I collected on the road. When I was there I also examined the place where the heatshield used to be. There were no signs of high temperatures - the paint was still nice, without any burnings.

So I am now confident that I do not need that heatshield.
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The bulk of the vehicles on the road that are getting on in years are missing a heat shield or two. No worries mate.

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