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Originally Posted by 400 dollar yaris View Post
well the lights are gone. no pictures really as it was a very straight forward fix for me. so being 10 degrees outside I decided to run up to harbor freight and get a few things before I freeze to death trying to do all four wheels. got a code reader and some electrical contact cleaner. after returning home, I hooked up the reader to see what I was dealing with. basically it was throwing codes for both rear sensors as well as one for debris on the right rear sensor and high or low voltage reading. so I just disconnected both sensors coated them in a good amount of contact cleaner and let it dry. next I carefully reconnected the sensors and cleared the old codes using the diagnostic reader. after turning on the car and taking it for a spin lights were off and no more codes so we will see if this did the trick. good luck to anyone experiencing this problem and I hope this post will help. from now on I will be checking wheel wells for excessive snow and ice in the mornings before leaving the house to help keep these areas clean. I suspect that there was dirt and snow/ice in the sensors causing them to fail. when it is warmer out, I may use some spray insulation on these sensors to hopefully avoid this issue for winters to come. as of now no lights on and I'm calling it a win. now if I can just find time to get these recalls done.....
Throwing in some dielectric grease in between both connectors would be a good idea next time you have the wheels off. Keeps the moisture out and will help avoid this issue again. Glad you were able to fix it
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400 dollar yaris
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Originally Posted by dogsridewith View Post
Happy for your fix and thanks for the great write-up. (Good use of an older thread.) I'd be interested in a part number or any description of that particular reader.
Did an earlier post in the thread mention reassembly w/ dielectric grease to protect connector contacts?
Yes it did which I will do as soon as its a little warmer and I don't have to lay in the snow as I am without a garage at my current apartment, but I believe the grease would definitely help to keep these exposed contacts safer. Also, the reader I got was from harbor freight, Zurich OBD2 ZR11 63807 it was a little expensive for me at 140 dollars but it seems like a very nice piece of equipment that will last me a long time. They had another one there for 190, but I chose to get the cheaper one. I highly recommend if you need one right away. Good luck to everyone with their cars and I'm glad to have found this thread.
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I've made a post!
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I just happened to come across this site when I was searching for a solution to my ABS and Brake lights coming up. It is a very slushy and cold day up here in Michigan. I guess I need to take my car in to a car wash!
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