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Engine misfire problem

Okay, i've had one heck of a time trying to solve this misfiring issue and i'm hoping someone can help.

2007 yaris at 195000 miles. Had the water pump and the headgasket replaced a couple months ago

a week ago i got a check engine light, had the code read, it was misfire on cylinder 3 i had the sparks replaced

after about 40 minutes of driving again i get the same code i replace the coil (probably should have just swapped them to see if the misfire moved but i was impatient)

after a bit the misfire reoccurs

Considering i just had the headgasket done i wanted to ensure i was getting enough compression, had 3 and 1 tested, they were fine.

the guys who did my headgasket said the intake valve looks good and engine was in good condition.

They suggested the next step might be to swap injectors to see if problem follows it....

which i did today and....

now i have a misfire on 1 2 and 4.

So i'm worried that i did something wrong. The task itself seemed easy enough, remove the two bolts holding the injectors, move the metal pipe holding them up so that i can access them, wiggle them out and exchange?

Did i potentially turn a single misfire issue into something bigger by doing something wrong or does the 1 2 4 tell us something more and i'm just not able to connect the dots.
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