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Yaris 04
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Drives: 2004 toyota yaris vvti 1.3
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Indicators and hazard lights not working!! Help!

Hi, i have a 04 toyota yaris and today 2 brake lights had gone so i replaced the right one with no issues, then on the left hand side i dripped the bulb and socket down that side bit and had to fish it out with a plastic stick and duct tape lol anyways since doing this and fiddling about my indicators do not work on either side or my hazard lighs and they do not show up on my dash as being on either, the park light and brake does not work on the left either but all is fine on the right minus the indicators , also when locking the car nothing flashes luke usual when locking , confused as to what could have happened please any advice would be helpful as xmas is tomorrow so cant get fixed. Thankyou
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Drives: Yaris T-Sport
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You have buikd a short circuit when changing bulb !
Take that new bulb away and check whats wrong in there ...
and ofcourse change new fuses on broken ones !
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