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Old 06-04-2016, 11:56 AM   #1
Go Duke!
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Idle "Rattle" Noise (Description and Solution)

Just wanted to post this in case it helps someone else out. My naming of parts may not be exact since I don't spend much time wrenching on this car simply because I haven't needed to in the seven years I've owned it. All the service to date has been DIY but it's practically just change oil, filters, top off fluids, and rotate tires every once in a while... all of which the DIY guides on this forum made easy

I had been having this issue for the past week where there was a metallic rattling noise at idle whether parked, in drive, or in neutral (slightly less in neutral). Made my car sound like a real junker, lol.

After looking up threads in this forum, I thought maybe it could be a TSB that CTScott posted in this thread:
T-SB-0336-09 Rattle Noise from AT Control Cable in Reverse.pdf

So I drove my car up on ramps, got out my flashlight, and started looking in and under the engine bay for anything loose or that could be rattling. I also looked at the front splashguards just to make sure nothing was loose there. After having no luck finding anything amiss, I decided it wouldn't hurt to take a look at the heat shields around the exhaust pipes underneath the car.

LOL. There it was. A corner of the sheet metal heat shield had been bent downward and was barely touching the exhaust pipe. After bending it back in place with my hands, the stupid rattling noise is gone.

Should have looked for the simplest possibility first!
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Funny thing .. I was slightly off road with my Yaris 5 days ago and now I have the same thing as above. A rather loud noise .. much worse when idling. I am going to get it looked at tomorrow but I am sure this is could be exactly my issue.
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