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Odd transmission behavior...

Good evening gents and ladies,
I have a 2010 Yaris with an A/T and 217000 miles on it.I had the tranny flushed at 115000 but as I was getting ready for a long haul to Michigan for vacation I drained the fluid (no pan drop), refilled and drove about 50 miles. I then did another drain and fill and off I went. No issues and got between 35 and 37 miles per gallon headed up and 34 on the nose heading back.Flash forward to today and every once in a while when the car shifts into 4th (overdrive or lock-up or whatever) it will hesitate, rev up a bit and engage but not all the time. My commute it 500 miles a week and I'm still getting 35 MPG while on the weekend running around town I get 30 to 32. So... Whats the deal? Cranky TCC? Trasmission eating itself? Clogged filter? Just kinda want to know what's coming so I can prepare for a service or a new(er) Yaris. Thanks for the diagnosis and advice in advance!


P.S. The drain and fills were done with factory ATF
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Are there any codes stored in the ECM? If not try disconnecting the battery to reset the AT learning.
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I think with your high mileage, the transmission seals might have harden up or worn out.

I bought my car from the previous owner with 60k+ km and I doubt she has ever replaced the ATF fluid. It was stiff even shifting from N to D so at 65k I did a drain & fill with Torco ATF. It was a little smoother after this. This ATF has some additives to soften the seals. At 100k I replaced the ATF filter with fresh Torco ATF and after this it felt really smooth like new.

Please note that there are 2 Torco ATF fluids so you might want to check your owner's manual which is the right one. An alternative would be an additive like Lubegard.

If your seals are too worn then you might need to replace them instead.
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