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I've made a post!
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Heater problem

This morning it was 5 degrees and the car just wasn't getting warm fast enough so I thought if I turned the heater from fresh to recirculate it would get warm faster. I turned the knob on my 07 yaris and it was a little hard to turn til I heard a pop and a something bouncing around in my dash. Now the knob turns like nothing is there. Is there a cable or something that connects back there and if so does the whole dash have to come apart to fix it?
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This issue is discussed in detail in various threads. Try the search function and you'll find your answer there.

Once you reconnect it (after removing a few pop off panels) to avoid it from happening in the future if you feel that resistance next time you turn the knob stop and keep trying but more gently. Eventually the blend door will flip with less resistance and the cable won't diconnect from the knob.

It's a poor design flaw and is a pita until your get a feel for how to turn the know and know if it going to disconnect or not
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Don't touch cold roto-cable Yaris HVAC knobs. Mind of Toyota

Catch 22--Plastic HVAC control cable housing shrinks and is stiffer the colder it gets. Lube and elastomers and all parts of the system are stiffer and more brittle. A bit of water turned ice on a flap seal sticks it tight. Don't try to move any of it until it warms up? (Seriously. Consider turning off the blower before shutdown, and leaving all the big cable-knobs where you want them for best defrost on the next cold start.)

(Don't touch cold roto-cable Yaris HVAC knobs. Mind of Toyota)

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I would have to say that the climate control system is among my least favorite features of the US/NA-spec Yaris. The A/C works fine, don't know about the heat because I have never used it here in southern AZ - but the knobs/controls are just about as low-rent as you can get. Other markets have a much nicer climate control setup available in the Yaris/Vitz. At the very least, the SE trim should get the upgraded controls here in the US/NA market.
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a.c., fresh air, heat, heater, recirc

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