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Old 05-25-2013, 08:50 AM   #1
I've made a post!
Drives: yaris yrs 2007
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metallic noise when accelerating

Hi all,

I've got a 2007 Yaris 1.5 5dr automatic hatch (105,000km on odometer) and i've got some weird noise when i'm accelerating. Sounds like ball bearings rattling in a can, or some bearing noise. It's very inconsistent, some days it's really loud and some days it's very faint.

- The noise happens when going up hills, around 1500-1700rpm when accelerating
- Seems to only sound when there's a certain load on the engine, if i accelerate very slowly there's no noise
- noise happens at any speed, accelerate from standstill, and crusing at 50km/h then accelerating hard etc.
- coasting (any speed) or braking and the noise doesnt exist
- revving the engine in neutral there's no noise
- checked alt/ac belt, it's in good condition and tension is good, also checked the pulleys, no major sounds/play when rotating without the belt.

anyone have any ideas? Thought it was pinging and tried a higher octane fuel (no difference). Seems to be related when the engine moves when accelerating???? Been looking on previous posts, could it be the exhaust donut gasket between the manifold and front pipe?
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Old 05-25-2013, 11:48 AM   #2
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Heat shield, vacuum leak @ throttle body... im pretty sure its nothing serious..

Check for vacuum leaks..
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Old 03-29-2015, 12:10 AM   #3
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Hi poida . Here is my post

Did you sort out your problem?.
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Old 03-29-2015, 12:20 AM   #4
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Heat shield over catalytic converter
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