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drew lager
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Hi all.

So after lurking on here for far too long, I've decided to finally make my first post. I'd wanted to do my first post after doing some amazing mods to the little Yaris and show off the huge potential we all know our cars have. But sadly this post is being made on rather different terms.

FYI, this post has no questions, it's more of just an update of how things with the Yaris are going.

So this afternoon after work the Yaris was reversed into by a tradesman's ute (pickup) and trailer. I was in the car when it happened too which was slightly scary being my first car accident of any kind at all. Just finished work, walked outside, got in the car, was looking down getting my wallet out of my pocket, looked back up and bang.

The other guy and I weren't injured at all which is the good news, although he was fairly frustrated with himself when after a days work on a construction site now had a night ahead of sorting out all the insurance stuff instead of being with his family.

Had a look at the front of the car and both grills have been pushed in a little, scrapes and scratches to the paint as well the emblem being crushed. So i thought I'd drive the 4ish Ks to the mechanic i get services at just to make sure nothing mechanical had gone bad. The mechanic is a long time family friend and has always serviced our cars so i trust his judgment. He had a look and said that the radiator had been pushed back and some of the hoses are now slightly crimped, but luckily sustained no punctures to the radiator and no belts or fans are hitting or rubbing on anything. Unfortunately it appears as though the lower reinforcing bar (behind the number plate sort of area) is now creased and slightly further back than it use to be, but im told it's safe to drive to work and back for now.

Anyway, so the guys given me a call a little while ago and the insurance has been dealt with and i should be getting it inspected and repaired in the next few days.

The Yaris has been nothing but a wonder, after 7 years of life it's still giving me almost 600Ks to a tank with a little spirited driving and has only ever had 1 broken water pump. Even with the 1.3L auto, i still can't speak highly enough of this car. I'll take some photos and upload them tomorrow when there is some light outside, and hopefully next time i post here will be showing off some wicked mods or pretty road trip photos.
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Good to know you're OK. How is it that you've never posted before BTW? This has to be some kind of record!
Looking forward to those pics.
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