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I've made a post!
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Flooded Yaris

Hi all,

So I live on Galveston Island, and my Yaris recently flooded. I am not sure how high the water rose in my car, but it soaked the carpeting in the front and the back. Because I have so many miles on the car, I decided to just rip out the carpeting, and have the bare bones metal farm underneath. The water looked like it was contaminated too. One thing I noticed is that I am missing a water drain plug on the floor of the driver side rear passenger seat. Does anyone in this forum know where I can purchase more water plugs?

I have no idea what the part is called and I have looked at this website

For those that have not ripped out the carpeting of their nice Yaris, it looks exactly like the plug that is found underneath the spare tire in the trunk.

I am currently in medical school so it is very hard for me to spend a lot of time with my car. Hopefully someone knows what part I am talking about. Also for those that have had a flooded yaris, what exactly happened to it? My car is running fine, but I am worried that my electrical components are going to short out in the coming weeks. If so, I may just have a big 100 HP gokart.

I quickly wrote this post so I apologize for the poor grammar.

Thanks guys!
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Do not drive the car until you are certain the engine is not flooded. Also have all fluids replaced. That is assuming the worst case (water went up to the hood). If you're trying to save money, at least figure out if the engine is hydrolocked by manually turning it over (in a manual car push it in gear, keys off, in an automatic you'll have to use tools, sorry). Get the car to a mechanic ASAP or change the fluids yourself now.

If the engine is flooded it will hydrolock and basically explode (not dangerous to you unless you're underneath it or on top of it, but as you can imagine, very expensive). If the transmission fluid is watery, the transmission will die in short order. If the engine oil is watery, the engine will die. Being that you're in Texas probably the coolant won't freeze but overly diluted coolant will rot the engine and slowly overheat it. Wet brake fluid will ruin the brake components and rob you of performance. If you've got a manual, same thing with the clutch.

Gas is generally going to be OK because gas tanks are supposed to be completely sealed.

Once all the fluids are good, electrics are the next to worry about. Those you can troubleshoot on a part-by-part basis.
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I have loads of extra plugs, including the large round one you are looking for.

I highly recommend thoroughly dehumidfying the car to remove as much moisture from the electrical connectors as possible. Running a household humidifier in the car, with it all closed up is a great way to do so.
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drainage, flooded, plugs

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