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I've made a post!
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Digital speedo not working

My digital speedo became erratic then failed, but reactivated itself after a week, then failed again 2 weeks ago! Rev indicator and fuel gauge works
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I believe you are our first Newportonian Yarisworld member. Welcome.

I don't think we even have a digital speedo here in the States or in Canada. Could be wrong, though.

CTScott is our resident expert on all things Toyota. Perhaps he can help you.
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Hi there, I have a toyota yaris with a digital speedo as well. However I do not know the inside electronics of the module, I do know how to replace the speedometer and whole cluster. This is a very simple job to do.

If you remove the trim strips from either side of the radio and heating controls, you can then remove the black semicircle trim around the cluster. From here, there is a screw holding in the glare reducer, remove that. Then remove the two screws holding the cluster onto the assembly, which are on top of the radio. Then there are two electrical connectors that are easily reachable, remove those and the whole cluster should come out (Providing I haven't missed any screws). It may take a bit of fiddling with the plastic clips.

At this point, pick yourself up a new cluster with speedometer attached at the scrapyard and just reinstall it or you could disconnect the digital speedometer part from the cluster, but this depends how far you want to go. Its far easier to replace the whole cluster. Just a single piece and connect job then.
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