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Neurotic Hapi Snak
Drives: 2011 Yaris 3dr
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Rich AFR

I have the AFR (commanded and measured) displayed on Torque when driving, and it displays the commanded AFR as 14.07:1 during closed loop. The measured AFR varying up to 14.07+/-.5. The only two examples I could find of AFR on a stock Yaris said it should be about 14.5-14.7. All I have currently is an AFE SRI, so pretty much stock. I live in Minnesota, so all gas is E10, an I was reading that stoich for E10 is 14.13, so this could be why my car runs a little rich. But it starts off at 14.07 right away, it doesn't start at 14.7 and adjust trim to 14.07. Does the Yaris have a sensor that senses ethanol content of the fuel? I've heard some cars have them, so the ECU adjusts for running on ethanol containing gas. Or is this something else? Anti-knock, but again, the car starts off at 14.07, it doesn't adjust to it.
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