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snapped Evap VSV end off

So i recently installed a CAI on my car, and I had to take it apart somewhat to get at the MAF sensor for cleaning, and when I put it back together I was tightening the hose clamp on the evap VSV sensor and snapped the tip off of it (what a total dummy). I tried super glue and then gorilla glue on the outside for support, seemed sturdy enough until i put it back on and tightened it again, it snapped... SO for right now it is held on with s shit load of gorilla tape.

Seems to be holding but torque is reading boost pressures and seems to think i'm running a turbo because the vac pressure keeps dipping really low.

I have head that in older cars you can completely remove it and cap the throttle body side of the hose and just vent the hose from the tank to somewhere but newer cars like ours monitor the VSV and trip the CEL if it isn't there. Would it be possible to just cap off the throttle side and let it just vent out of the VSV or run a small hose from the VSV to a little further from the engine? Or would this affect the measured vac pressure and trip the CEL anyways?

I plan on going to the scrapper and picking one up, but i would prefer not to.
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The VSV is pulsed with a varying duty cycle, so I think you would have a tough time keeping the ECM happy with it not seeing the correct output from the pressure sensor on the canister if you completely bypassed the VSV.
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