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Help diagnosing a loose window

I've searched quite a bit online (including this forum) but can't seem to find any specific fix.

Issue - whenever my passenger-side window is partially down, I experience rattling. This can be when driving over a big bump but especially whenever a passenger closes the door (in fact the rattling scares me so much I'm afraid the window is going to break into a million pieces). Note - I don't experience any of these symptoms when the window is in the fully upright position. (Which makes the think that perhaps it's not the window rubber sealer?).

I would like to try to fix this myself is possible. I believe the first step should be to take off the door panel (?), but after that I'm not sure how to diagnose. Is it the window assembly? Possibly a loose bolt or bolts?

Appreciate any advice. I live in San Diego and I like keeping my windows down. But I'm scared to death I'm going to shatter it if I leave it down by mistake before shutting the door.
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Once you take the door panel off there are a couple of things to check:

1. The bolts that hold the entire "window regulator" assembly to the door. The window regulator is the scissor device that lifts the window.

2. The bolts that attach the window support to the regulator. The window has a metal strip that attaches to the bottom of it and that bolts to the regulator.

3. The window support strip. Make sure it is secured to the bottom of the glass.
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