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Drives: 2010 Yaris
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Abs and slip indicator on need help speed sensor

So I just got this Yaris and the abs and slip indicator lights are on I rotated the tires today cleaned the passenger front speed sensor and when I looked for the connector for the harness it was not plugged in . I looked all over to try and find where it plugs in to and above the fender liner I found a male connector it's white and kind of stubby so the connector coming from the speed sensor is long and they don't plug together at all so I am guessing whoever put the new sensor in bought the wrong one and just let the harness hand in the fender liner . Does anyone know if the harness that starts at the sensor and plugs in to another connector is it stubby like 3/8 of a inch or is it longer like a inch this is passenger front sensor I am talking about . Also does it plug in above the center of the fender liner ? I honestly thing it's just the wrong one or something but no auto parts stores near me have one in stock so I have nothing to compare it to. Any ideas on how to figure it out would be great. Also would a unplugged abs speed sensor cause the slip indicator and the abs to come on or just the abs. Thanks
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