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I've made a post!
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Backup Camera Installation

Hi all. I have a 2010 4 door hatchback. Due to back and neck issues, I bought a cheap backup camera kit on Amazon (Auto-Vox M1) on Amazon when they were on sale recently. I was under the impression that my brother would hook it up for me when he came to visit on Christmas. Well, he didn't want to....So, now I'm stuck with the task.

I had attempted to figure things out as soon as I received the camera. Unfortunately, I hit 2 roadblocks in the process. Keep in mind that I have no clue what I'm doing, but it's one of those "I'll do it my own damned self!" situations.

First....I need to be sure on the wires. The camera kit has t-shaped clips that take care of the wire splicing to make it simple for people like me, who have no clue WTF they're doing. The wiring for the camera is a red wire and a black wire. The reverse light wires in the car are white with a black stripe and red with a black stripe. Am I correct in thinking that the red with black stripe is "red" and the white with black stripe is "black"?

Next...that interior panel to access behind the license plate. How the &$%* do I pop that thing out? I took out the compartments on each side of the spare tire...popped out the plastic screw clips, etc. Please tell me I don't have to remove the two side panels (over the rear wheels) also! I'm seriously about ready to just drill a freaking hole!

I've looked online and I guess I'm not using the correct search terms, because I'm not finding what I need. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Old 12-28-2017, 03:10 PM   #2
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There are 2 plastic pins to pull out, then it just pulls up and out. At least, that was the case on my 09 yesterday. I pried a bit between the rubber seal around the bottom of the door opening.
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Simply there should be a power cable and a rear shift lamp connection cable (long one).
Do not panic this can be the easiest thing that you install to your car.
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