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Originally Posted by ezhacker1 View Post
So you only want the front turn signals to be on. You don't want parking lights (front or back).

Same thing still Switchback relay. Has 3 wires. 1 is Ground / 12v for (parking light, DRL call it what you want) / turn signal.

Then just wire a ignition wire that supplies 12v with key in on position. Or find a fuse location that is 12v with key in ACC / On. That will be your constant amber light. Then also wire the turn signal and it will act as usual.

I'll slap something together on the car to show ya.
I tried to find a switchback relay where I live and I couldn't find any. I have to import it, which is easier said than done. The only ones I found are the normal 4 pin relays (SPST) which are Normally Open.

Took measurements at the headlight dimmer switch and there are 2 hot lines that drop to 0V when indicators are being used (black for left and violet for the right). Since they are hot normally, I think I can wire each to a relay and control each side. When blinkers are used the lines fall to 0V,which will open the relay and turn off the DRL characteristics. Then blinkers can blink away like usual.

The Surf is still here.... But now there is a Yaris next to it!
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