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Originally Posted by nick.dollimount View Post

If you can see this thing ^, Look underneath it. It's really hard to see under there or get your head under to see anything. You'll see a strip of paper on a cover. It's long. It has the fuses indicated on it. Pop that cover off and they're all underneath it.
Thank you so much! i was able to find it with your advice. What made you look there in the first place? It seems like its hidden there.
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I've made a post!
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I recently blew the 12v outlet fuse and had a tuff time finding the fuse box as well. For those of you who asked for a pic of the "mistery" fuse box I took one with my phone. Sorry it's not the best quality.

Step 1: Open the driver's door and move the driver seat all the way back

Step 2: Lay on your back with your head near the brake pedal.

Step 3: Now you are looking up under the dash board. Look slightly to the right and you'll see the black cover for the fuse box and the below it a white connector(as seen in the pic) to connect to the ECU.

I know this is my 1st post but I've been a "lurker" for sometime. The wife drives a 2009 Yaris and I drive a 2007 Chrysler 300c SRT8.
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I've made a post!
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Thumbs up and again THANK YOU ALL!

Originally Posted by chumpster View Post
...and the winner is... 'The Yaris Forum' and it's 'hive mind'

So much for the owner's manual and the dealership on the phone.

It really is a difficult little fuse box to find. The nice diagrams in the owner's manual show where the big box is behind the panel door... but seems to stop there and not clearly indicate where the important little box is. I'm glad I wasn't stuck on the side of the road! I think even James Bond, would have been on his Sat Phone calling Q... er Q... er,.. do you know where the fuse box is mate?

thanks again...
Still helping people in 2017. Just the info I needed! Thank you so much!
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