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Ac problems

Hi guys,

So had my ac clutch changed about 6 months ago. It's now stopped working again. Different this time though.
Turn on the ac, revs go up theres current at the ac wire to the compressor.
Pull the fuse and the revs drop.
But the ac clutch doesnt move not even a millimetre.
Seems to me that the ac ecu is stopping the clutch from engaging .

So where should I start with diagnosing the problem. Please don't say go to Toyota the techinchians here in L. O. S are about as useful as a wet rag., a blunt knife or a a wife who no one longer puts out, cooks or cleans. 😂

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Old 04-12-2017, 06:15 PM   #2
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so you put a Dc volt meter at the clutch's coil and there is power there? but the clutch does not move to engage ? if the answer is yes then the fix is easy, your clutch is bad because it's just a coil gone bad. Turn everything off and physically jumper the clutch coil with 12vdc and see if it moves or not.

If the computer is not sending 12vdc to the clutch coil then it could be other issues , under pressure or over Freon pressure. Do you know how to hookup a set of manifold gauges to the low/high sides of the A/C system?
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Also check your charge, if it below a certain threshold your clutch won't be activated
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