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I know it's an old post, but I thought I'd mention how well my 4x4 Toy PU responded to Redline MTL/MT90. Shifting became as smooth as silk, temps went down and noise level as well. It's Good Stuff!

Originally Posted by galactus View Post

I have a 2007 Yaris with 75,000 miles and the 5-speed manual. Is there a scheduled maintenance for the manual transaxle?. That is, should the gear oil be changed at certain intervals?.

Thanks for any replies because I can find nothing regarding it.
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Old 03-21-2018, 10:00 AM   #56
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Sorry for digging up this old thread, but this is the one that got me to where I am today..
I recently had an axle seal replaced. I purchased MT90 to refill the trans. I had the dealer do the service. The seal is in and working fine, BUT I was thinking I would see improved shifting due to the MT90 being poured in.. I have not. If anything, it's slightly worse.
Do you think the dealer skipped using my provided MT90??? Could I tell by looking at it? Is MT90 a different color? They did charge me for a quart of their own oil, even thou I provided 2 qts (published capacity). When I asked about the oil charge I was told “it took a little more than 2 qts.”
I am seriously considering draining and re-filling it myself. Thoughts?

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In my experience mt-90 wasn't anything special. I switched to Amsoil MTG and haven't looked back.

However, there is no chance for more than 2 qts going in unless they either overfilled the crap out of it which you can't really do since it would pour out the upper fill hole. Or they messed up and wasted your mt-90 and/or leaked and lost a bunch when they refilled.

You shouldn't be charged anything if you provided your own fluids. Mt-90 iirc had a really bad smell to it and I believe it was a gold color. That said, most manual trans oils are very similar and I dont remember what Toyota's factory fill stuff is like
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it depends on the dealership. most of them will just use a bulk oil from a local supplier. they are cheap asses....
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