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Old 05-17-2017, 07:02 PM   #1
Drives: Yaris 2002 1.0
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Japanese engine into French Yaris 1.0 2002

Hi everyone.

As the title says im halfway through an engine swap and noticed the cam sensor plug is different - i read on the net that said all i have to do is tap the pins out a little on the cam to accept the new cam sensor fit the knock sensor and then change the crank rota wheel behind the cam chain cover for the crankshaft sensor.

I have stripped it down and they are slightly different but if i change them would it effect the cars ignition timing at all as when the replacement one os fitted ontothe nose of the crank keyway the bit of the wheel that has a flat is in a different position to the original ???

Bit confused here? Any help greatly appriciated.
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Old 05-18-2017, 10:12 PM   #2
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My thoughts are that it wouldn't really have an effect on the timing. The flat on a rota wheel tells the ECU when the crank has traveled 360º relative to the program in the ECU which runs the engine and for whatever reason the ECU's on the french cars had a different program and slightly different rota wheel (i think the ECU's are made by different companies as well). As long as the chains are all in time, your Jap ECU should be able to run the engine as the rota wheel would be generating the correct signal for it to do that.

This question has concerned me for several years as i have a Jap made 06 Yaris with the 1.0 3 cylinder, but if i ever had to put a used engine in it i would have to use an engine from a French made Aygo or Yaris built in Poland where as my engine was made in Japan. I'm really not looking forward to that job...

Let us know how you get on. I have heard about people whacking a French engine in and changing to a French ECU which probably involves messing with the wiring quite a bit.
- Yaris 2006, 1.0, 5 door hatchback "Betty" - 140,000 miles
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Old 05-20-2017, 03:05 AM   #3
Drives: Yaris 2002 1.0
Join Date: May 2017
Location: Rotherham
Posts: 4
Thank you for the reply there.
Just to let you know i managed to get it up and running sweet as a nut now!
(Ill call the damaged 2003 53 reg 1.0 VVTi french engine - A and the replacement 2000 X reg 1.0 VVTi jap engine - B)
Once both engines were removed from the donor car and the car i was repairing and i had them side by side i removed the aluminium timing chain covers on both engines then i just slid off the crank sensor pick up rota wheel off the nose of the crankshaft on both engines and swapped them over - be sure to get it the right way around there will be a letter stamped on the wheel - this needs to face OUTWARDS. You will notice the airgap on the pick up rota is in a different place - dont worry about this just refit the aluminium timing chain cover back onto your replacement engine.
Then i removed the knock sensor AND the stud it was bolted on with from engine A, engine B had a big sensor that just required a big socket to remove it - cant remember the size. Then i fitted the stud into the replacement engine B and slide on the knock sensor and nip it in place with the 12mm nut.
Next was the camshaft sensor - there are two different lenghts the longer french one is a three wire and the shorter jap one is a two wire - dont just try and bolt the longer one in place as it catches on the 3 little pegs on the rear of the camshaft and will smash either the 3 pegs on the end of the cam or smash the sensor!
What i did was remove both cam covers from both engines first leaving the cam sensors both bolted in place.
Then i took my feeler guage and measured the airgap inbetween the sensor and one of the pegs on the end of the camshaft on engine A. I then removed both camshaft sensors from both engines and took the longer one from engine A and slid it into place on engine B - dont blot lt in yet. What i had to do was very carefully tap the pins one at a time with a hammer and knock them through enuf as to give the correct airgap between each peg and the sensor i measured with my feeler guage earlier on engine A. It is a bit tricky and takes a little time as you have to do it a bit at a time and turn the engine to tap each pin in turn.
After all that i bolted the longer cam sensor from engine A into place in engine B and them refitted the camshaft cover.
Next i fitted the whole engine back in the car. All electrics plugged streight in no problems at all. The only other problem i came across was the exhaust manifold. Engine A has a catalytic converter on the manifold where as engine B has a freeflow exhaust manifold and you cant fit the catalytic converter from engine A as the oil filter is in a different place altogether. So i had no option but to bolt up the free flow exhaust from engine B. Then i noticed the down pipe is so slightly different so i had to swap that from the donor car where engine B originally came out of. The replacent downpipe had the cat on it from engine B but to be honnest i havent connected the 02 sensors just yet as the wires need to be made longer to reach the plugs!
After all that i tried to start it and as luck had it it started first time!!!
BUT..... i found that the engine was ticking over at about 1200 revs!? So to over come this i changed the complete throttle body and all sensors attached and the black plastic airbox from engine B (i used all this and the inlet manifold from engine A to start with) and again as luck had it she started up and purred like a kitten with revs staying low at approx 600!
And thats that jap engine in a french car hope it helps other people out along the way!
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Old 05-21-2017, 08:31 PM   #4
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Heaven help any future owners that have to buy parts for it.
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