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Captain Yaris
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Originally Posted by iA_b4_07HB View Post
I HAVE noticed smoother operations with midgrade or premium fuel. If your engine runs on premium in Europe, the odds are it will run better on premium over here. This is because modern ECM (engine control modules) are adaptive in terms of tuning to the fuel used. I think anything with a compression ratio over 9.5 to 1 will benefit; the knock sensor will kick in later and you'll get a little more power and a smoother driver experience. Also, most premium fuels include twice the detergents of regular.

Costco and Arco are both currently Top Tier, and are the ones I try to buy, since they are cheaper. Valero certainly isn't a budget gas, but they are Top Tier these days. Kwik Serve is no longer Top Tier IIRC.
I thought maybe I was just crazy, but my experience has been the same. I definitely feel as if the engine runs smoother. Iím not sure that I get a noticable power increase from running high octane but Iím guaranteed to run my best. Plus, Iím getting the best detergents with the higher octane. I have to admit, it does feel nutty filling up with 91 or 93 into a Yaris, but if that keeps my engine cleaner, so be it. In the old days, you would be limited by a set timing, but now ECUís and variable timing have changed the game up and engines less likely to benefit from a higher octane fuel can now have some benefit.
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Originally Posted by Kaotic Lazagna View Post
Just filled up yesterday. 45.65 mpg. Woot. haha.
Wow, so Shell still gets the best mpg? How far is your usual commute? I went from doing 12 miles to and from work to only 6 miles and my mpg went from 34mpg to 28-30mpg. Then again I go through more city roads with the shorter trip as well. I might give Chevron or Shell another shot to see how it compares to Costco. I'm also running my tires at 38psi in the front and 42psi in the rear while driving relatively conservative.
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I think USA pumps say their numbers are (R+M)/2? As such is the 87 regular what the manual says is OK for the Yaris?

(USA/Canada 2007 Yaris owners manual: "Fuel Type: UNLEADED gasoline, Octane Rating 87 (Research Octane Number 91) or higher."
Pump buttons are 87, 89 and 93. Unlabeled.
Octane rating numbers--which system on USA pump buttons?)
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