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Originally Posted by tmontague View Post
much of this is very true but the reality is running a successful YT channel is a completely different thing (as you guys stated above). To keep a YT channel successful you have to cater to the masses and as already pointed out you get further away from actual car people.

In all honesty though, real car people spend more of their time under a car as opposed to sitting in front of a TV watching YT channels, at least relative to the average YT viewer. There are many car channels I used to watch that I no longer find really interesting anymore. Not to sound like I know everything about a car (I do not), but there is very little on YT that isn't something I have either already done or have learned how to do. The more you modify a car the less people online can help you as you chart new territory and the less YT videos will be able to teach you things.

The car community is a hard YT channel business model - it takes a lot of man hours to perform the work, then you have to edit all the while hoping you have enough of a crowd interested in your build. This is why the most successful YT channels are BS Vlogs about gossip garbage. They appeal the the optimal YT viewer of 12-16 years old and the content doesn't need very much editing, you just sit and spew garbage and kids eat it up.

MCM is a business like it or not and they have to adapt to keep the lights on. This means more often uploads, builds the mainstream wants to see and then quick turnover to the next build.
Very true words there. I tend to stick to the smaller channels(under 1 million subs). They seem more genuine and original for the most part.
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