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A/C - water leaking through fan onto carpet...

I have a lot of water leaking onto the carpet on the passenger side, and its coming right through the fan motor. When I go around corners to the left, the accumulated water can be heard splashing up into the fan blades - is there a drain hose somewhere that I can access (if that is indeed the problem), and blow whatever is plugging it up out? Sure would hate to have to take off the entire dashboard to get at the fan housing etc.... Suggestions-fixes?.... thanks.
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From one of the many other similar threads

Originally Posted by bronsin View Post
Fixed it! All you have to do is take out the glove box and thereís about a foot long black plastic tube running from the airbox to the train that goes outside the vehicle. That pulls and out very easily. There was crap in the tube . The car didnít have a filter in the system for about eight years until I installed one last year. Youreally want to clean the leaves and debris off the air intake under the hood. Thatís what did the plugging.

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Drives: 2011 Toyota Yaris
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Hey, it was easier than I thought! I pulled back the carpet on the side of the firewall, and found the drain hose going from the water resevoir to the where it exited through the firewall. Pulled out the hose, squeezed it several times, and a bunch of "moss" came out... after that, it started draining, so I put it back into the firewall, and it proceeded to drain out water for a solid minute! Must have been a quart of water in there... thanks for the initial inspiration to get under the dash and take a look! :)
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