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Old 10-06-2018, 04:20 AM   #1
Drives: 2SZ-FE, 5MTM, 2008 TMMF
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Fuel pump whine after filter replacement

as they say - if it works - don't fix it!
Was sandblasting repainting the underbody and decided - if I'm taking the tank off, could also replace the filter (the one fuel pump is located inside), which probably never happened in 128000km(79500mi) '08 yaris.

So now everything is back together and each time after start in about a minute the pump begins to whine.
Does not react to revving/acceleration. Goes higher in pitch if I dip the rpm with clutch.

Given the mileage isn't high, fuel quality being good, the tank being clean on the inside, and there was not even a hint of fuel pump problems, the reason for whining should be coming from my own hands.
After considerable amount of googling I've found someone mentioning non return valve sticking on some other Toyotas. Not sure if applicable. (Is the non return valve that check valve looking thing besides the pump?)
It could have been affected since I was bit slow and allowed the assembly to dry from fuel.

Any ideas appreciated. I'd go with trial and error method as I do normally, but taking off the tank (I can't unscrew the seal otherwise) and putting it back takes considerable effort (I don't have the lift), so some input would be great before I waste more time and/or break something else.

Edit: and I did take off the suction filter from the pump that the manual says not to to use if being taken off. But as mr. CTScott stated on this forum - it's just because it is considered a non-reusable part. And it seemed perfectly usable.
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Old 10-08-2018, 04:59 PM   #2
Drives: 2SZ-FE, 5MTM, 2008 TMMF
Join Date: Oct 2017
Location: Latvia
Posts: 6
If anyone has the same problem - fill the tank at least to two thirds and drive for a few days.
Not sure whether the filter was somehow restricting the flow initially, or there was some air trapped, or pump bushings/return valve seat had something dried in them, but each next day the whine took bit longer to begin and now I think it's gone.
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