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ECT Sensor location

I have a problem with my Yaris. After driving for a while, the engine cool light will come on and the motor will rev high or pulsate. I scanned it and got codes P0116 and P0125. I was told that it was either the thermostat or the ECT Sensor is bad. I replaced the thermostat and even though it doesn't happen as frequently, it's still happening. I bought a new sensor but can't find where it goes. I have searched google for three days and it gives me the location of the camry, corolla, tacoma, and several others but nothing on the Yaris. Could anyone tell me where to locate it?
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ECT is rear of the cylinder head. Beside where the radiator hose connects.
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If you are looking at the engine from the front of the car it is on the right hand side underneath the large coolant hose as Cory stated.

Use an extension to get in there without removing the coolant hose. Coolant will pour out so have a drain pan underneath. Install the new one as soon as you can to limit coolant loss. Make sure you install the copper ring washer with the new ECT I also put anti seize on the threads (not a lot).

My Echo had a bad engine block ground and it caused the ECT to lose its reading so it showed -40 degrees on my ultragauge an the blue coolant light would go on and off intermittently while driving. No revving happened though.

It wasn't the ECT it was just a bad ground.

In your case it could be a bad ECT, but if their bad they usually always read cold and not intermittently. Make sure you check your two engine block grounds just above and closer to the front of the engine is where they sit.
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