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  The Tire Rack

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Originally Posted by kimona View Post
Actually, the Crosstrek was the car I wanted to check-out when I initially went to the Subaru dealership. However, when I sat in it, I immediately discovered that the seat was uncomfortable and had no lumbar support whatsoever... so I passed on it without a test-drive.
I would think that the Crosstrek would have had the same seats as the Impreza, since they are built the same platform. I guess I will find out when I sit in one in a few months. It's interesting when you visit the various forums of different cars, and see that some people hate the seats (or whatever), while others find them comfortable & fine. The Honda HR-V springs to mind first, in that regard. I guess that height, girth, limb/torso proportions and other things probably play into why seats (or steering wheel position) are horrible for one person and okay for another.
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Small cars are a big deal
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Originally Posted by kimona View Post
^^^ NICE! Wheels and tyres look good.

Is that Mitsubishi emblem removable without leaving holes?
I don't know. Good question.

Originally Posted by ern-diz View Post

Looks really good from the pic. Love the color; is it OEM?
Yes, Mercury Gray. (The wheels are also the original color)

Originally Posted by Hershey View Post
Mirage looking good with those tires . How's the gas mileage ? Few weeks ago we test drove a '17 G4 with the C.V.T.. Managed to get 40 during the drive with 2 of us and temps hovering around 35 . Car kept up fine on the interstate . The steering wheel seemed off . Had a tendency to go to the right when wheel was level ( possible low tire pressure ? ) . They're known for poor alignment and to much play in the steering from the factory . The car was under $13,000 . Have you been to the MIRAGE / G4 owners site ? If not ,

We averaged 49 mpg on the way up to Victoria, BC over Thanksgiving. We generally are between 35 and 44 on the narrow 165s. Not sure yet on the 195s. I actually took them off last night for winter.

Our steering wheel is actually slightly cocked to the left. Need to bring it in and see if they can align it. I don't have too much play, however.

I am an active member on It's a really good group.
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