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Owais Yunus
Drives: 1999 Vitz 3 Door 1.5
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First Generation Vitz ABS Issue

Hello people. I'm new to this forum and its good to be here. I need help with my car's ABS so I thought what better place to ask for help than on this forum. The car in question is a First Generation 3-door Vitz that I've just acquired. It has had a 1nz-fe swapped into it by the previous owner. Now the issue that I'm facing is that the ABS light comes on occasionally and it didnt occur to me to check whether the ABS is working at times when the light is not on till yesterday when I had to do some emergency braking. I was hardly at 40kmph when I braked and all the wheels locked up really bad and the car almost went out of control. Upon hooking up my obd cable using Techstream, I found the following issues.

What does having pretty much all the ABS related error codes triggered signify? Is it something that is related to the ABS unit not getting the required voltage or is the unit itself dead? Speaking of the ABS unit, is there a separate ABS controller within the dashboard or is the unit in the engine bay just it? And is it possible to get a pin-out for the ABS unit so that I can check continuity in the wiring.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to some help regarding my issue. I've looked through the forums but I havent been able to locate a similar thread that could help with my issue. If the same has been discussed earlier, I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the direction of that thread. Thanks.
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