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2009 hatch oil change - engine immobilizer triggered?

Car has 296k miles and has NEVER had an issue starting and runs like a champ. The oil change place is highly reputable as well - same owners and I've been using them for all my cars for over 15 years.

Tech said the car would turn over but wouldn't crank except when the key was inserted upside down? The code thrown was B2799 per their computer. He told me that the engine immobilizer was somehow activated and though it might be an issue with the key itself but not the ignition or starter or anything else.

I had an issue where the check engine light came on last year several times. They cleaned the MAF at the last visit 8000 miles ago and I haven't had a check engine light since. Prior to them cleaning the MAF I went to autozone and had it read and their reader said it was either a MAF issue or the computer. But again I haven't had any lights since the MAF was cleaned a few months ago so I kind of ruled that as the cause of the light.

Anyway I guess they reset the computer and it fired right up no matter how the key was inserted? It drives perfect now too. Turned it on and offa few times without issue.

They did rotate the tires as wheel. Is it possible the wheel lock could have triggered the issue?

Any ideas what could have happened?
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